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Learn about common pain-causing health conditions, their progression paths, their causes, and effective treatment options. Our blog offers valuable information to people who experience pain and anyone who wishes to learn more about long-lasting, safe, and noninvasive treatments.

These articles also explain how Superior Physical Therapy addresses these common health problems through an innovative approach called the Superior Method. This approach aims to accurately identify the underlying cause of pain in order to develop a more tailored and collaborative treatment plan.

Beyond the Shoulder Turn: How SPT Transforms Golfers' Games

Beyond the Shoulder Turn: How Superior Physical Therapy Transforms Golfers' Games By Dr. Andrew Gorecki Golfers constantly strive for the perfect swing, a quest that often leads them down a path of endless adjustments and advice, such as the frequently...

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The Misunderstood Nature of Shoulder Pain

The Misunderstood Nature of Shoulder Pain For many struggling with shoulder pain, diagnoses like shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, and labral tears sound all too familiar. These terms often conjure images of long-term pain management, invasive treatments, or even surgery....

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Best Path for Shoulder Pain Relief: Physical Therapy vs. Steroid Shots

Choosing the Best Path for Shoulder Pain Relief: Physical Therapy vs. Steroid Shots In the quest for relief from shoulder pain, patients are often faced with a choice between two common treatments: physical therapy or steroid injections. While both options...

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Frozen Shoulder Mysteries Revealed

Frozen Shoulder Mysteries Revealed: Causes, Symptoms, and Management As a physical therapist specializing in shoulder conditions, I frequently encounter patients struggling with a condition known as frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis. This debilitating condition not only causes discomfort but can...

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Understanding and Managing Nighttime Shoulder Pain

Understanding and Managing Nighttime Shoulder Pain As a physical therapist specializing in shoulder conditions, one of the most common complaints I hear from patients is about shoulder pain that worsens at night. Nighttime shoulder pain can not only disrupt sleep...

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Reevaluating Shoulder Surgery: Insights from Orthopedic Surgeon

Reevaluating Shoulder Surgery: Insights from Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ian Harris's Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo As a physical therapist deeply involved in shoulder rehabilitation, I've been particularly influenced by the provocative work of Dr. Ian Harris, especially his book Surgery, The...

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Identify and Heal Sacroiliac (SI) Pain

Identify and Heal Sacroiliac (SI) Pain Lower back pain is a common ailment, and the second most prevalent form is known as sacroiliac pain or SI pain. Understanding the anatomy and symptoms of the sacroiliac joint (SI joint) can help...

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Can Disc Herniations be Healed? Absolutely!

Can Disc Herniations be Healed? Absolutely! Disc herniations can be a common source of discomfort, affecting individuals of various ages. In this article, we'll delve into the anatomy of discs, the causes of disc herniations, and how to identify and...

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Role of Stress in Exacerbating Back Pain and Sciatica

Role of Stress in Exacerbating Back Pain and Sciatica: Understanding the Connection   As a physical therapist specializing in back pain and sciatica treatment, I've witnessed firsthand the significant impact stress can have on these conditions. It's not uncommon for...

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The Link Between Obesity and Incontinence

The Link Between Obesity and Incontinence: Understanding the Risks Introduction: Obesity is a growing health concern worldwide, and its impact extends beyond commonly known risks such as heart disease and diabetes. As a physical therapist, I've observed a significant yet...

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Prostate Health and Incontinence

Men’s Health Focus: Prostate Health and Incontinence   Introduction: As a physical therapist specializing in men's health, I often encounter concerns related to prostate health and its impact on bladder control. Prostate health is a crucial aspect of men's overall...

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Age-Related Changes and Incontinence

Age-Related Changes and Incontinence: What to Expect and How to Prepare   As a pelvic floor specialist, I frequently address concerns related to age-related changes in bladder health and incontinence. It's an often-misunderstood topic, shrouded in myths and stigma, yet...

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Clark Ronald

The winter of 2020/2021 I had a freak fall and separated my shoulder. The Florida surgeon and physical therapist looked at the MRI and told me that I had to have surgery. Since I could not move my dominant arm...

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Betsy Taylor

By the time I attended a low back pain workshop at Superior, I had been in excruciating pain in my right buttock and entire right leg for several months. I had tried heat, ice and stretches, but no improvement. I...

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Sally Salisbury

I came to SPT because the idea of drugs or injections in my hip to ease my pain did not appeal to me. Nor did I feel I would know how to rectify my pain on my own. When I...

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Judy Varner

After lifting tree branches into a trailer, I suffered severe pain in my lower back, right thigh and knee. Sometimes my knee gave out, almost causing a fall. My physician insisted I go to Superior PT. They saw me right...

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Brenda Wahlstrom

I suffered from a chronic hip injury/ailment for the better part of 6 months. I had weakness when walking upstairs and had trouble sleeping. I tried a stretching only regimen, which did not correct the problem. I then turned to...

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Jennifer Ludwig

I was born with a partially fused left ankle joint. Because of this, my mobility is limited and prolonged time spent walking, running, hiking, biking causes pain. This condition has caused progressive issues in my knees and hips to the...

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Dawn Hoxie

I have loved my experience with Superior Physical Therapy. The ladies I worked with (Sarah, Taylor, Rachel) were amazing.  I came in on my own and chose Superior because I had heard good things about them. I was having a...

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Michele Howard

After spending years in pain and trying to “train through the pain”, I finally came to P.T. While initially skeptical and resigned to stop running, I have had wonderful results!  I am now pain-free and ready to run! Thank you...

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When I came in, I had pain in my back and left leg. I noticed an improvement after each therapy session. So by the time I was finished,  my back pain and leg pain was gone. So I would like...

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Barbara Dougherty

Sarah and Rachel, What a team!  Each time I attended an appointment, if I had a concern or pain with stiffness they are so compassionate and attentive, I felt like they cared. My treatments gave me such relief, improved flexibility...

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Steven Burke

I have had an excellent experience working with Superior. They have helped me tackle my sudden vertigo symptoms after my jet ski incident. Kaylee, Sarah and Taylor have been extremely effective at mitigating my symptoms, and more importantly, they’ve been...

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Don Thomas

After 40 years, 8 surgeries, and a recent injury, I have finally met the team that could help me regain my strength, flexibility and balance. This gives me new confidence to remain active so I can enjoy my favorite activities....

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