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Applied Functional Science (AFS) is a holistic approach to functional evaluation, training, rehabilitation, conditioning, and injury prevention designed for people of all ages and conditions.

It aims to improve neuromuscular-skeletal performance and comfort by focusing on the root cause of pain instead of merely the symptoms.

At Superior Physical Therapy, all of our specialists are Fellows of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute led by the internationally acclaimed physical therapist Dr. Gary Gray.

The Gray Institute is the authentic source and foremost authority for Applied Functional Science. It is based on more than 30 years of research and development of how the body was designed to function.

What is Applied Funcitonal Science?

AFS is a treatment founded on biological, physical, and behavioral principles. These principles lead to locomotive techniques that determine all functional human movement. One of the key tenets of AFS is that every action leads to a reaction. In the human body, what occurs at one region in the body profoundly affects other regions. One problem area leads to several problem areas that may lead to pain, injury, or degeneration. Knowing that there is a chain reaction that takes place in the body, we can find the root cause of pain by exploring how the whole body responds to the natural environment or the specific movements of a sport or activity. To learn more about Applied Functional Science visit https://grayinstitute.com/

We have online courses and a number of books (all based upon Applied Functional Science) available for Free by Clicking Here.

The 3D Matrix Performance Series

The Gray Institute’s 3D Matrix Performance Series is a series of full‐body, functional workouts sequentially and logically arranged based on your unique goals and preferences.

Unlike most workouts, this functional training program makes use of task-specific integrated movements and can be tweaked along the way.

The 3D Matrix System can also modify the environment, heights, rate and load of movement, distances moved, and duration of movement to produce the most effective workout program.

Applied Functional Science vs. Traditional Physical Therapy

Traditional physical therapy will focus exclusively on the local area or injured joint. In contrast, a functional approach is whole-body focused and aims to identify what specifically caused the body part to degenerate or weaken.

To effectively treat pain, we need to assess and treat not only the problem area but also the surrounding parts, the way you move, and activities that may have caused the injury.

Using this approach, we not only alleviate the symptoms, but also identify and treat the underlying causes of pain to prevent recurrences.

An AFS-trained physical therapist will highlight the faulty part, determine how it has affected the rest of your body, and create personalized treatment plans based on your condition, activities, and lifestyle.

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AFS explores how the mind, body, and spirit converge to facilitate healing. At Superior Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are trained and experienced in Applied Functional Science. We use the best methods to produce the most effective and individualized treatment plans for our patients.

If you need AFS-based treatment, book a free 15-minute discovery call with our team today. Our dedicated AFS specialists will determine the root cause of your condition or injury and develop a personalized treatment plan.

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