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We help people relieve pain naturally without medications, injections or surgeries so they can gain confidence, hope and direction and ultimately get back to normal again.

Three Powerful Reasons You Should Come to Superior Physical Therapy

Our goal is to provide you with the highest value healthcare by facilitating the natural healing process through a combination of cutting-edge movement science and manual therapy. We address the individual symptoms, identify the relationship to the whole body, and eliminate the cause of your pain or limitations. We want you to leave feeling:

If you find yourself saying:
  • “I can no
  • “It hurts
    when I….”
  • “I want to be
    able to… “
Don’t wait any longer as there is a solution waiting for you.
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Discover the Superior Method

The Superior Method is all about your priorities, professional service, a satisfying experience, best value, and your success. We want you to feel at ease when you come to visit us and to feel great about yourself when you leave. Our approach is highly individualized to optimize natural healing and to return you to doing more of what you live for. Our friendly hometown values combined with world-class movement science creates a difference you will notice immediately and will appreciate always. Everyday people like you choose Superior to make their life better. It would be our privilege to talk with you about your wants, needs, and questions.

Watch this short video to understand the root cause of pain.

Unlike traditional treatment options that mostly only manage the symptoms of a condition, leaving patients with recurring pain, the Superior Method involves identifying the source of the pain. This is critical in coming up with a plan for lasting relief because pain is sometimes referred from a different part of the body.

Is this the Right Place for You?

While pain medications, injections and surgery may alleviate your pain temporarily, if the root cause of your condition is not addressed, the pain will likely recur. Our treatment methods below are designed to accurately pinpoint the exact issue in your body and address it instead of just the symptoms.

Our system is a combination of a comprehensive full-body movement assessment, manual therapy sessions, exercise programs you can do at home, and other treatment options that work within the principles of Applied Functional Science.

Our therapies and treatments are safe and noninvasive, facilitating healing and pain relief without the risks of surgery and other traditional methods.

The Superior Method is for people who:
  • Are sick of being bounced around the medical system being offered only testing and treatments that mask the symptoms
  • Want to move again so that they can enjoy the life they once knew
  • Would like to be treated with individualized care from experts in the field
  • Want to take control of their health
  • Regain their independence
  • If you are disappointed with failed treatments
What Others Have to Say

Read reviews from our patients who have successfully found lasting relief for their painful conditions with the help of the Superior Method and collaborative therapy.

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Superior Physical Therapy
One on One Care

In a healthcare climate of increased visits to increase profits with lower quality providers ultimately putting the patient in the middle, Superior has chosen a different path. We provide one on one care with the Doctor at each visit. You get the time and quality you deserve.

Whole Body Approach

Most providers and treatment options in the traditional health system are designed to mask the symptoms of pain. At Superior we recognize that most musculoskeletal pain symptoms are a result of surrounding areas not moving properly. Our Superior Method allows us to assess how the entire body is moving, detect areas of dysfunction, and fix the root of the dysfunction so that you relieve the symptom and get back to normal again.


Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. The Superior Method is designed with this verse in mind. We will do whatever it takes to educate you on the solution to your problem.

Once we have determined what’s causing the symptoms, we can then develop a comprehensive plan to target the underlying issue and ultimately resolve it, leaving you with lasting relief.
Our Story

Superior Physical Therapy has a true story behind the name. It all began with the owner Andrew Gorecki prior to becoming a physical therapist. Andrew had a back injury that herniated a disc and required over a year of treatment. This treatment included the standard medications, injections and then finally surgery. But it was after surgery that the light bulb went off as the disc herniation came back two weeks later and the surgery failed. This was the same time that Andrew began physical therapy school. There it was discovered that his lower back was not the problem, but, in fact, the right hip had stopped rotating. By focusing on the right hip mobility, the disc herniation and lower back pain had been healed naturally without another injection or surgery. This was the beginning of the journey that led Andrew to learn about Applied Functional Science. This type of treatment has now been learned and implemented across the board by the entire team at Superior Physical Therapy.

The Superior Method

The approach teaches to look at the entire body as a kinetic chain that is interdependent. The site of pain is not always the source of pain. It is the most advanced movement science. This new approach empowered Andrew and his wife Erin to branch out onto their own to meet a growing demand for natural solutions to pain without medications, injections, or surgeries. The same year that Superior opened its doors was also the same year that Andrew and Erin got married on the shores of Lake Superior. This also happens to be where they met while attending college at Northern Michigan University. So naturally the name of the business has a double meaning. We believe that Applied Functional Science is hands down the most advanced and effective physical therapy treatment approach available. Secondly, we have a love for the Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior as a source of beauty and positive energy. And there you have the story behind the name. We hope your experience is truly Superior.

Superior Physical Therapy Blog

Learn more about conditions that cause pain and how The Superior Method addresses them. Gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your body will guide you in decisions regarding your care and help you on your road to lasting relief.

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Superior Physical Therapy is all about your priorities, professional service, a satisfying experience, best value, and your success. We want you to feel at ease when you come to visit us and to feel great about yourself when you leave.
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