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Beyond the Shoulder Turn: How SPT Transforms Golfers' Games

April 3, 2024

Beyond the Shoulder Turn: How Superior Physical Therapy Transforms Golfers' Games

By Dr. Andrew Gorecki

Golfers constantly strive for the perfect swing, a quest that often leads them down a path of endless adjustments and advice, such as the frequently heard recommendation to "increase your shoulder turn for a farther hit." However, achieving this seemingly simple advice is more complex than it appears, requiring a nuanced understanding of the body's movement. Superior Physical Therapy approaches this challenge with a holistic perspective, employing a method that transcends conventional wisdom. This blog explores how Superior Physical Therapy utilizes its unique approach to enhance golfers' swings and overall performance.

Beyond the Shoulder: A Holistic View

At the heart of Superior Physical Therapy's approach is the recognition that a golfer's swing involves a complex series of chain reactions encompassing the hips, knees, back, shoulders, and more. While the shoulder turn is often emphasized for its role in the swing's consistency and distance, Superior Physical Therapy advocates for a broader assessment. The so-called "shoulder turn" is actually a product of movements originating in the hips and trunk, with the shoulders and arms playing a critical but distinct role.

The Importance of the Thoracic Spine

Superior Physical Therapy stresses the significance of the thoracic spine's rotation in achieving a powerful golf swing. This rotational separation between the trunk and pelvis is crucial for loading the core muscles, leading to a synchronized and efficient power transfer during the downswing. This method highlights the necessity of a three-dimensional (3D) approach to movement, ensuring that lateral flexion and sagittal plane extension are incorporated to maintain the swing's plane and efficiency.

The Functional Golf System: Tailored for Performance

Superior Physical Therapy's Functional Golf System stands as a testament to their commitment to transform golfers' games through a scientific and personalized approach. This system provides golf-specific exercises and assessments that identify motion restrictions and develop a tailored program to enhance the golfer's physical capabilities. By focusing on the unique needs of each golfer, whether it's improving mobility, balance, strength, or power, Superior Physical Therapy ensures a comprehensive improvement in the golfer's swing and overall game.

Empowering Golfers for Better Swings

The Functional Golf System offered by Superior Physical Therapy is more than just a set of exercises; it's a blueprint for unlocking the golfer's potential. With over 275 golf-specific exercises, the system empowers movement specialists to prepare their clients' bodies for the optimal swing. This individualized approach guarantees that golfers can achieve the elusive "shoulder turn" not by focusing on the shoulder alone but by enhancing the entire body's ability to move efficiently and powerfully.


Superior Physical Therapy's innovative approach to improving golfers' swings through the Functional Golf System illustrates the power of a holistic and scientifically grounded method. By looking beyond the shoulder and understanding the interconnectedness of body movements, golfers can achieve not just a farther hit but a more enjoyable and successful game. For golf professionals, personal trainers, or movement specialists working with golfers, adopting Superior Physical Therapy's methods could be the key to unlocking their clients' potential on the golf course.


Watch Dr Gorecki's Exercise Tip Video on the Thoracic Spine for Golf: https://youtu.be/4dzcARU5tWM


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