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Hip Bursitis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

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Hip Pain

What is Hip Bursitis?

Hip bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between tendons and bones in the hip joint. The condition can cause pain, swelling, and tenderness in the hip area, making daily activities challenging. At Superior Physical Therapy (Traverse City, MI), our goal is to alleviate your discomfort without medications, injections or surgeries.

Causes & Symptoms of Hip Bursitis

The following are the most common causes and symptoms of Hip Bursitis:
Hip Pain
Causes of Hip Bursitis
  • - Repetitive motion or overuse of the hip joint
  • - Direct trauma or injury to the hip
  • - Incorrect posture or walking habits
  • - Bone spurs or calcium deposits
  • - Rheumatoid arthritis
  • - Previous surgeries or hip replacements
Symptoms of Hip Bursitis
  • - Sharp or aching pain in the hip, often radiating to the thigh
  • - Pain that worsens with movement, prolonged sitting, or lying on the affected side
  • - Swelling and warmth over the hip
  • - Stiffness after prolonged inactivity

Physical Therapy for Hip Bursitis

Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in the treatment of hip bursitis. Here'ss how it can help:
  1. Pain Management: Therapists use modalities like ice, heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation to reduce pain and inflammation.
  2. Strengthening Exercises: Targeted exercises help strengthen the muscles around the hip, reducing the strain on the bursa.
  3. Flexibility Training: Stretching exercises improve the flexibility of the hip muscles, reducing tightness and discomfort.
  4. Gait Analysis: Therapists may assess your walking pattern to ensure that improper gait isn't contributing to the problem.
  5. Education: Patients are educated about activity modification, proper footwear, and ergonomic adjustments to prevent recurrence.

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Full Body Movement Assessment

The most important element of healing is identifying the cause. The cause is a movement disorder somewhere else in the body that is creating more stress in the injured area than the tissue can handle. A full body movement assessment is the most important aspect in finding the true cause. This involves assessing how mobile and stable the areas above and below the injured tissues are.  Once the dysfunctional areas are identified the physical therapist can then prescribe home treatments to fix the problem areas.

Hands on Therapy with Movement

In order to improve motion in the dysfunctional areas that are causing the increased stress on the painful injured tissues the most effect way to make a change in the body is to have a physical therapist use their hands to facilitate the proper motion while you are moving at the same time. This helps improve the path the body takes in order to reduce stress and tenson on the injured area. 

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  • Conclusion
    While there are multiple treatment options available for hip bursitis, it's essential to choose a method that addresses the root cause of the problem. Physical therapy offers a comprehensive approach, focusing on pain relief, strengthening, flexibility, and prevention. Studies have shown that conservative treatments like physical therapy often provide more sustainable results compared to cortisone injections and surgeries.
  • If you're experiencing symptoms of hip bursitis or want to learn more about our treatment approach, book a consultation with our experts.

    Dr. Andrew has dedicated the past 15 years to helping patients find lasting relief from pain, pressure, and persistent trauma they may be experiencing daily with what he has coined “The Superior Method” – a proven path to pain relief without prescriptions, surgery, or solutions that break the bank.

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