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Learn about common pain-causing health conditions, their progression paths, their causes, and effective treatment options. Our blog offers valuable information to people who experience pain and anyone who wishes to learn more about long-lasting, safe, and noninvasive treatments.

These articles also explain how Superior Physical Therapy addresses these common health problems through an innovative approach called the Superior Method. This approach aims to accurately identify the underlying cause of pain in order to develop a more tailored and collaborative treatment plan.

Missing Out on Life - Time to Get Real

  I suspect you or a woman you care about is frustrated, embarrassed, and hurting because of urinary frequency, incontinence, pelvic pain, or pain that makes sex uncomfortable. You may feel you are missing out on life, but you're not...

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Good Posture is Critical to Fight Incontinence

  Research indicates that as many as 75% of nursing home residents are incontinent. The main reason for this is inactivity, which turns off the Pelvic Floor, the muscles inside our pelvis that support and activate our bladder, rectum and...

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The Truth about Post-partum Incontinence

  Many women are thinking their incontinence or pelvic pain will get better on its own, and they do nothing. But for most women, the symptoms will only get worse over time. For new moms, this is especially true.  ...

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Incontinence: Kegels are not Enough

  Kegels. We’ve all been told to do them, by our OB-GYN, parenting magazines, talk shows, friends, or midwives. While they can have some benefit and there is a time and a place for them, they are hardly the end-all,...

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The Key to Healing Incontinence

  Your pelvic floor is the key to healing incontinence.  Floors create the bottoms of our homes, so it makes sense to use the term floor when describing the muscles that make up the bottom of our pelvic region. Unlike...

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How Piriformis Syndrome causes Sciatic Pain

As a physical therapist in Traverse City, MI, I work with a lot of people who have sciatic nerve pain or irritation and have been told they have piriformis syndrome, but they have no idea what that is. So today,...

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Understanding Back Pain

For most people understanding back pain is not an easy task.  There's no magic pill that heals back pain. There's no magic device that heals back pain. The thing that heals back pain is the body. The body heals itself...

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What is Stenosis

A lot of people ask us, "What is Stenosis?" There's a lot of misinformation that nothing can be done, short of surgery, to relieve stenosis, which is also called arthritis or degenerative disc disease. In reality, that is just not...

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The Body is Designed to Heal Itself

  99% of back pain goes away if you do the right things. The body is designed to heal itself. But an environment must be created to allow for healing.   Watch the Video: https://youtu.be/sCOmenC5NbY   We’ve talked in other...

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The Three Most Dangerous Back Pain Treatments

  The three most dangerous back pain treatments are also the most common. They are medications, injections, and surgery. Unfortunately, patients (and most healthcare practitioners) don’t realize these treatments only mask the pain for a while. They don’t treat what’s...

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Ways to Handle a Back Pain Problem

  Ways to handle your back pain include finding the root cause, not ignoring or altering their back pain like most patients do.   Watch the Video: https://youtu.be/psUc65BQNM4   There are three ways to handle any problem: Ignoring Altering Solving...

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Day-to-Day Activities Sciatica Sufferers Should Avoid

  Today we are talking about a question we get asked by a lot of patients who are suffering from sciatica and low back pain. They want to know what day-to-day activities sciatica sufferers should avoid?”  That’s a logical and...

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