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Just about everything you've ever been told about relieving shoulder pain is WRONG.


That's why no matter how hard you work, the less you'll have to show for all that effort. But there's a better way - and it's called, The 6-Step Guide to Self-Treating Your Shoulder Pain. STOP chasing after shoulder pain with band-aids and instead get to the root of the problem and resolve it permanently.


The 6-Step Guide to Self-Treating Your Shoulder Pain reveals a proven approach to relieving shoulder pain by applying the science of functional movement therapy, which enables the body to heal, instead of just masking your symptoms.


You'll learn how to create a focused, targeted treatment plan that delivers pain relief through individualized movement therapy.
Here's what you'll discover inside this revolutionary new book by pain relief legend, Dr. Andrew Gorecki:



This book reveals powerful, proven strategies for relieving shoulder pain naturally without medications, injections or surgeries. You'll discover exactly how “The 6-Step Guide to Self-Treating Your Shoulder Pain” can finally give you long-lasting pain relief that's natural and effective.


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Who is Dr. Gorecki?


Andrew Gorecki, DPT


Dr. Andrew Gorecki authored the best-selling books, The Truth About Lower Back Pain and The Truth About Hip Pain, in which he challenges back and hip pain sufferers to dump the ineffective treatments they are receiving (that don't provide long-term relief,) and to stop wasting time, money and energy on providers who do not have the tools to help them find success. 

Now Dr. Gorecki has written a new guide to help Shoulder Pain Sufferers, "The 6-Step Guide to Self-treating Shoulder Pain".
Andrew Gorecki, DPT, FAFS is owner of Superior Physical Therapy and a revered physical therapist who helps people struggling with musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Gorecki has taught the Superior Shoulder Pain system to over 20 thousand people worldwide. Dr. Gorecki continues his work at the Truth About Shoulder Pain Seminars, helping people find a natural solution to shoulder pain.


So why is Dr. Gorecki so Successful? His methods work for ANY shoulder pain sufferer.


You'll discover how and why when you read your copy of
"The 6-Step Guide to Self-treating Shoulder Pain"









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