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One of the main priorities at Superior Physical Therapy is to educate you about your body and how to heal naturally. This page was designed to provide you information about...

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Knee Pain (Top Exercise)


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Functional Deficits after Menisectomy

...manifested. The joints (hip and foot) that may have been the cause are transformed into powerful protectors of the knee, reducing symptoms and enhancing function. If the goal of knee...

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Functional Muscle Function

...my knee.  In fact my quadriceps are activated a majority of the time in order to not flex my knee so that I don't fall onto the ground.  I also...

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Read This Before Your Next Golf Game

...first phase of healing, which is inflammation. Inflammation can create fluid buildup, pressure, and ultimately pain. Next let’s talk about the knee. The knee is a joint where the femur...

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Why Cortisone Injections Fail and are Dangerous

...study published in the British Medical Journal found that cortisone injections into the knee may accelerate the deterioration of knee cartilage, potentially leading to a faster progression towards the need...

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Calcaneal Eversion: The Switch

...the knee, hip, and spinal joints. During walking, the knee will flex, abduct (valgus), and internally rotate. The hip responding to the calcaneal eversion and ankle motion will flex, adduct,...

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The Runners Key to Preventing Injury

...the body working against itself. We see an influx of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and knee pain (amongst others) in the spring and summer seasons as more and more athletes...

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The Runner's Guide to Injury Prevention

...training will experience “over use” injuries caused from improper body mechanics, which is essentially, the body working against itself. We see an influx of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and knee...

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