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Judy Varner

After lifting tree branches into a trailer, I suffered severe pain in my lower back, right thigh and knee. Sometimes my knee gave out, almost causing a fall. My physician...

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Best Physical Therapy in Traverse City: Experience Unmatched Healing

...I have experienced significant pain reduction and improved mobility. I can't thank them enough." Mark T. - "I recently underwent knee replacement surgery, and physical therapy was an essential part...

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Keys to Finding the Cause of Hip Pain

...hip (the lower back and knee to name just two) are also part of the chain. If the lower back and knee are not moving properly they can call on...

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Sue Doherty

My experience with Superior PT has been great. In the beginning I had difficulty walking more than a half a mile. Sitting for any period of time plus additional knee...

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Pain Free Shoulders

...practice’s philosophy that dysfunctions other than shoulder impingement contribute to the problem, I.E. thorasic and scapula mobility issues aggravate the shoulders. Similar for my lower back and knee pain. Doctors...

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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 1

...therapy. 2. Steroid Injections Can Go Wrong A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in May of 2018 concluded that quarterly corticosteroid injections for knee osteoarthritis...

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Fighting Inflammation with PT

...The response to sudden body damage, such as cutting your finger, or hitting your knee against something. To heal tissue damage, your body sends inflammatory cells and fluids to the...

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Is Sitting the New Smoking? Relieve Pain with Sitting Part 1

...body, if motion found elsewhere is “abnormal” (think about the hips’ neighbors, the low back and the knees), this could lead to pain and injury. The hip joint is classified...

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Best Physical Therapy Near Me: Uncover the Secrets to Finding the Best

...specialized training in areas that align with your specific needs. For example, if you’re recovering from a knee injury, finding a clinic with therapists who specialize in Orthopedic rehabilitation can...

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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 2

...insurance claims data from 2011 for about 590,000 active and retired nonelderly autoworkers and their dependents to track charges for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the knee, colonoscopies, common laboratory...

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Free Assessments for Physical Therapy Month

...risk of future injury.   This assessment is vital for anyone with: - Lower Back Pain - Arthritis - Sciatica - Neck Pain - Headaches - Shoulder Pain - Knee...

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