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Learn about common pain-causing health conditions, their progression paths, their causes, and effective treatment options. Our blog offers valuable information to people who experience pain and anyone who wishes to learn more about long-lasting, safe, and noninvasive treatments.

These articles also explain how Superior Physical Therapy addresses these common health problems through an innovative approach called the Superior Method. This approach aims to accurately identify the underlying cause of pain in order to develop a more tailored and collaborative treatment plan.

The Hidden Link: Hip Pain's Role in Incontinence

The Hidden Link: Hip Pain's Role in Incontinence Ever grappled with hip pain and simultaneously faced incontinence challenges? You might be pondering if the two are intertwined. In this piece, we'll delve into the intricate relationship between hip complications and...

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The Fiery Facts: Spicy Foods and Your Bladder

The Fiery Facts: Spicy Foods and Your Bladder Navigating the relationship between diet and bladder health can be a maze. There's a plethora of foods that have undergone scrutiny for their potential to irritate the bladder. But here's the catch:...

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We are Grateful for You

We are Grateful for You: Celebrating Our Patients This Thanksgiving As Thanksgiving approaches, it's the perfect time to reflect on the things we're grateful for. We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for something that means...

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Why Ignoring Hip Pain can be Your Downfall

Why Ignoring Hip Pain Can Be Your Downfall: A Personal Reflection Andrew Gorecki, DPT, Physical Therapist, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Hip Pain Expert   Life is a complex tapestry of challenges, decisions, and outcomes. When faced with problems, we...

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Do You Really Need That MRI or X-ray?

The Hidden Truth About Hip Pain: Do You Really Need That MRI or X-ray? Andrew Gorecki, DPT, Physical Therapist, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Hip Pain Expert   We've all been there. A twinge in the hip, a sudden pain,...

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Hidden Culprits Behind Hip Pain: Unraveling the Mystery

Hidden Culprits Behind Hip Pain: Unraveling the Mystery Andrew Gorecki, DPT, Physical Therapist, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Hip Pain Expert Hip pain is a common ailment that plagues many, but the root cause is often misunderstood. While it's easy...

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Debunking the Bone-on-Bone Myth

Debunking the Bone-on-Bone Myth: The Biotensegrity Perspective Andrew Gorecki, DPT, Physical Therapist, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Hip Pain Expert   The term "bone on bone" often sends shivers down the spine of anyone diagnosed with it. It paints a...

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Shocking Reasons You have Shoulder Pain

Shocking Reasons You have Shoulder Pain Most people are shocked to learn that shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears and labral tears of the shoulder are not the root cause of their shoulder pain, but symptoms of a larger problem that...

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The Surprising Causes of Shoulder Pain

The Surprising Causes of Shoulder Pain Constant shoulder pain and not being able to move your arm, put on your coat, or reach for things without pain all leads to frustration, lack of sleep, decreased activity, and depression. It can...

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Comprehensive Approach to Shoulder Impingement Relief

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Gorecki’s and Dr. Fuson's brand new book – “The Truth Unveiled: Secrets to Shoulder Pain Relief”. You should get your copy while they last!!!  Get your copy here: The Secrets To Shoulder Pain...

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Surgeons Get Rich with Fusion Surgery

Surgeons Get Rich with Fusion Surgery A recent Bloomberg article titled, “Surgeons Get Rich with Fusion Surgery”, has several great examples of what can happen when the back fusion goes wrong.  The article should put the fear of God in anyone...

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Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD): Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

  Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) is a condition where the spinal disks, which act as shock absorbers and help in movement, begin to wear down. This degeneration is a normal part of aging, akin to getting gray hair. By age...

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BMJ: Guideline Strongly Recommends Against Arthroscopy for 'Nearly All' Patients With Knee OA or Meniscal Tears

In countries with data available, knee arthroscopy is the most common orthopedic procedure Data reviewed by an international multidisciplinary panel that included physical therapists Guideline makes a "strong recommendation" against the use of arthroscopy in nearly all patients with degenerative...

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CDC: Arthritis Affects 1 in 4 in US; More Emphasis on Physical Activity Needed

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) latest snapshot of arthritis prevalence, severity, and related physical inactivity reported in 2017 looks a lot like its previous one, based on 2015 data. As then, an estimated 1 in 4...

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New Clinical Practice Guideline for Shoulder Pain Makes the Case Against Surgery

Should patients experiencing chronic, atraumatic shoulder pain for three or more months undergo surgery? A new paper recently published in the BMJ advises strongly against it. The paper’s authors summarized their evidence-based recommendations into a new Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG),...

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Subacromial decompression surgery for adults with shoulder pain: a systematic review with meta- analysis

To determine the benefits and harms of subacromial decompression surgery in adult patients with subacromial pain syndrome lasting for more than 3months. Download PDF File

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Prevalence of knee osteoarthritis features on magnetic resonance imaging in asymptomatic uninjured adults

Knee MRI is increasingly used to inform clinical management. Features associated with osteoarthritis are often present in asymptomatic uninjured knees; however, the estimated prevalence varies substantially between studies. We performed a systematic review with meta-analysis to provide summary estimates of...

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FDA Warns About Dangers of Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain

The Food and Drug Administration has just issued what’s called a “Medwatch Alert” warning that Epidural steroid injections or “ESIs” for back and neck pain can be extremely dangerous. The alert says: “Injection of corticosteroids into the epidural space of...

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Many Orthopedic Surgeries Don’t Work

Unlike drugs, orthopedic surgeries can be sold to the public before they undergo any rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and effective. Thus, millions of surgeries for knee, shoulder, and back pain have been done even without any research...

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MRI and X-Ray Often Worse than Useless for Back Pain

When it comes to diagnosing most back pain, MRI machines are like Monty Python’s medical machinery that goes “bing.” For back pain, MRI and X-ray are medical machines that make false alarms. They don’t always make false alarms, of course....

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Stop and Think Carefully about Back Surgery

If you’re considering having spinal surgery as the final fix for your back pain, I’d like to help you to think again about your options.I’m a spinal surgeon and I want you to know that surgery is not your best...

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JAMA opinion piece slams our addiction to ‘unnecessary’ MRIs, CT scans

When the Food and Drug Administration approved magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners in 1984, the machines seemed incredible. They offered an inside view of the human body, making it easier to diagnose disease, injuries and physical abnormalities. Today, they’re part...

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57% of People with No Pain show Knee Osteoarthritis on an Image

The purpose of this study was to prospectively evaluate the prevalence of abnormal magnetic resonance imaging scans of the knees of asymptomatic subjects. A prospective analysis of magnetic resonance imaging to arthroscopic findings in symptomatic knees was also performed. Download...

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The Dramatic Increase in Total Knee Replacement Utilization Rates in the United States Cannot Be Fully Explained by Growth in Population Size and the Obesity Epidemic

Total knee replacement utilization in the United States more than doubled from 1999 to 2008. Althoughthe reasons for this increase have not been examined rigorously, some have attributed the increase to population growth and the obesity epidemic. Our goal was...

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