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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 1

...part of aging and that hip pain was not present in many patients with osteoarthritis of the hip, and many patients with hip pain did not show hip osteoarthritis. Yet...

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Most Common Causes of Hip Pain Don't Actually Cause Pain

...job is to keep the bones from touching and to allow the hip bones to move inside the capsule. If hips bones could be “bone on bone”, then that hip...

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Great News for Hip Pain Sufferers

...the hip called the trochanteric bursa. That's the most common cause of hip bursitis. You can test for hip bursitis by pushing on it. If you have pain, it’s possible...

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Why Bone-on-Bone is a Hip Pain Myth

Why Bone-on-Bone is a Hip Pain Myth   On a daily basis, I hear people with hip pain say they just got an X-ray or an MRI and a surgeon...

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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 2

...in December of 2015, in which they imaged many people who had no pain in their hips, the results were that hip pain was not present in many hips with...

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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 3

...only compounds the problem that is causing hip pain. Most hip pain is due to a biomechanical problem that is creating cumulative trauma to your hip over time. You must...

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Bone-on-Bone: Dispelling the Hip Pain Myth

...without hip pain, the X-ray or MRI showed something structurally wrong with the hip: 37% had a cam deformity (a thickening in the neck of the femur right under the...

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Keys to Finding the Cause of Hip Pain

...the hip to move too much, or in the wrong direction. Or if the muscles around the hip are not supporting the hip like they should be, the same problems...

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What You Need to Know about X-Rays and MRI's and Hip Pain

...do not have hip pain shows signs of arthritis in imaging. And many people with hip pain do not show arthritis. Hip pain and arthritis or labral tears are not...

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Hip Pain

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Acute or Cumulative Hip Trauma, Which Do You Have?

...that sounds like an oversimplification. I’m sure you’ve heard all the common hip diagnoses: arthritis, degenerative joint disease, bone spurs, osteophytes, labral tears, hip bursitis, and hip impingement. In reality,...

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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 5

...The cause of most hip pain is improper movement in the areas above and below the hip, most often in the feet, opposite side hip, and upper torso. You must...

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