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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 3

October 16, 2020

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Hip Pain Treatment

1. Seeking Unqualified Providers

A recent study in the Journal of BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders indicated that experienced physical therapists had higher levels of knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions than medical students, physician interns, residents, and all physician specialists. Most people go to their primary care physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant for hip pain relief and treatment, even though these providers have received only one to three hours of education in the management of musculoskeletal disorders. Don’t avoid speaking with your physician about your hip pain, but discuss seeing a qualified physical therapist for relief.

2. Masking Symptoms

Masking symptoms with medications, creams, devices, or activity avoidance for hip pain relief only compounds the problem that is causing hip pain. Most hip pain is due to a biomechanical problem that is creating cumulative trauma to your hip over time. You must first identify what that problem is and then fix the mechanical problem. Ignoring problems only makes the situation worse in the long term.

3. Demanding an MRI

MRIs cost, on average, $2,600 in the U.S., and studies indicate that they will most likely show some sort of hip abnormality, regardless of whether you are in pain. MRIs that show hip abnormalities often lead to referrals to hip surgeons. This too often leads to surgery without attempting other conservative approaches to hip pain relief. An MRI should only be preformed if there is a suspected fracture or infection. Otherwise, try to avoid this mistake, even though you have a burning desire to “find out what’s going on in there.”

4. Resting

All recent research indicates that resting either in the lying or sitting position when you have hip pain only makes the problem worse. This is because hip pain is a biomechanical problem, meaning parts of your body are not moving properly. When you rest or stop moving, the parts that aren’t moving properly in the first place become even more dysfunctional. If you don’t feel comfortable moving on your own because of the pain, find a movement expert (physical therapist) to help you understand what movements to do for hip pain relief. In fact, call us at Superior Physical Therapy at 231.357.3930; we specialize in hip pain.

5. Not Doing Your Research

Not all healthcare providers are qualified to treat hip pain. In fact, studies indicate that not all physical therapists are qualified to treat hip pain. Do your research. I would recommend looking at company websites, online peer reviews, and credentials to find the best provider available. Superior Physical Therapy has the most qualified, highly rated and reviewed physical therapists in the region. Call one today at 231.944.6541.

6. Surgery

Even the most advanced hip surgery techniques are successful at reducing a person’s hip pain only 80 percent of the time. Those statistics are simply not high enough when considering the serious complications that can occur from a surgical procedure.

7. Ignoring the Problem

Hip pain is considered a cumulative trauma injury. This means that the trauma cumulates over time. It will get worse the longer you wait, so get help as soon as possible.

The hip pain experts at Superior Physical Therapy have an intimate understanding of how the entire body is connected and know that you must look above and below the painful hip in order to find a solution. Call one today at 231.944.6541.


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