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Pain Free Motion: Shoulder Impingement

...shoulder but also can radiate down into the shoulder blade, up to the neck and sometimes cause pain that travels down the arm. Shoulder impingement is not a structural problem...

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Shoulder Pain Relief Strategies

...can cause shoulder impingement or tears in the shoulder structures. I've got some great strategies that will provide you with shoulder pain relief. Unfortunately, most health care practitioners don’t understand...

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6-Step Guide to Self-treating Your Shoulder Pain

...for all that effort. But there's a better way - and it's called, The 6-Step Guide to Self-Treating Your Shoulder Pain. STOP chasing after shoulder pain with band-aids and instead...

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Shoulder Pain- The Real Causes

Shoulder Pain- The Real Causes Shoulder pain can be one of the most frustrating problems to deal with because it is very difficult to treat your own shoulder. This inability...

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Vlog: What Your Shoulder is Trying to Tell You

...the five reasons the shoulder may become painful, and finally action steps to try and relieve your shoulder pain! The Anatomy of the Shoulder Complex Video 1 from Andrew Gorecki...

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Secret Causes of Shoulder Pain

...main diagnoses a doctor might give as a cause of shoulder pain: Impingement Syndrome- pain along front and top of the shoulder due to decreased space within the shoulder. Rotator...

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Shoulder Pain Types- The Most Common

Shoulder Pain Types- The Most Common 80% of all shoulder pain falls into three types. In this blog we will discuss what those types are and what it means to...

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Relieve Shoulder Pain Naturally with 2 Easy Exercises for the Upper Spine

...of the body can contribute to shoulder pain we’re hosting a free shoulder pain workshop in Traverse City, MI. You can click this link https://www.shoulderclass.com to register, or call us at 231-941-6541...

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Shoulder Pain

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Traverse City, MI FREE WORKSHOP TO RELIEVE SHOULDER PAIN NATURALLY. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Zq6R7TDFddk We can stop your shoulder pain and keep it away. Get shoulder pain relief! What You're Going To Learn...

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The Anatomy of the Shoulder

...mobility of any joint the body. The shoulder can also be a major source of pain. That’s why we are going to discuss the shoulder and shoulder pain relief in...

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New Clinical Practice Guideline for Shoulder Pain Makes the Case Against Surgery

...atraumatic shoulder pain: choose exercise, physical therapy, occupational therapy over surgery This new CPG specifically applies to two types of shoulder pain, described as “subacromial pain syndrome” and “rotator cuff disease.” Historically,...

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