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What is Bulging Out of Me "Down There"?

February 12, 2023


If you've been starting to feel something bulging out of your vagina, you may be experiencing organ prolapse. It can feel like you're sitting on a tennis ball. Or you may be in the shower washing and feel something down there, and you're not sure what it is.


Prolapse is a condition where an organ in the abdominal cavity produces a bulge out of the vagina. This can happen due to a variety of factors such as pregnancy, changes in hormones, diet, lack of mobility, and trauma injuries. Prolapse can affect the rectum, uterus, and bladder, as well as the urethra. Symptoms of prolapse can include vaginal pressure, a feeling of heaviness, and a bulge that can be seen or felt in the shower.


All this sounds a little bit crazy like your internal organs are dropping out, but they're not actually dropping out. Instead, it’s a shifting of the bladder, uterus or rectum causing it to lean on the vaginal wall, in turn causing the wall to bulge into the vaginal canal. Whatever the reason for the prolapse, a weakened pelvic floor, which is the muscular support system for the organs inside the pelvis, is often a contributing factor. The good news is, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and help lift the organs and relieve symptoms.


If you are experiencing symptoms of prolapse, it is important to seek help from a pelvic floor physical therapist. Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized physical therapy targeted at strengthening the pelvic floor, which can prevent the prolapse from getting worse. And while it is not going to push all your organs back into their original positions, what it can do is strengthen the pelvic floor enough so that symptoms disappear completely.


If you are experiencing prolapse, there is help. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is an effective treatment and can help to prevent it from getting worse. Seek the help of a Physical Therapist specially trained in therapy for the Pelvic Floor.


Watch the Full Video below or by clicking: https://youtu.be/FWM6sWS-iRI


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More info from Cleveland Clinic about bladder prolapse: Cystocele (Prolapsed Bladder): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment (clevelandclinic.org)


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