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Understanding Back Pain

December 11, 2022

For most people understanding back pain is not an easy task.  There's no magic pill that heals back pain. There's no magic device that heals back pain. The thing that heals back pain is the body. The body heals itself naturally whenever we give it the right environment to do so.


Just like a plant needs to have soil, sunlight and CO2, or carbon dioxide, in order to thrive, the human body needs to have sleep, good food and hydration, and good movement to thrive.


Sleep and Nutrition are Important for Healing

Sleep is the only time our body heals itself through the rem cycles we get, usually three to four 90-minute rem cycles a night. So if we're not sleeping enough, our back or any other area of the body that needs healing can’t do it.


Proper nutrition and hydration are also important.  Natural foods like vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, and legumes have high nutrition density so your body gets the right fuel to heal itself. 88% of our bodies are made of water. Water helps:

  • move nutrients throughout the body, remove wastes (and irritating, inflammatory substances),
  • protect and cushion your joints, like your knees, hips and shoulders
  • maintain blood volume, a key part of blood pressure and heart function
  • keep the body at a normal temperature

Water is our body’s partner in helping to achieve the crucial stages to allow for healing.


Good Movement is Even More Essential for Healing

The right kind of movement is essential for the healing of the body too.  Many people and some doctors think that the best way to heal the low back is to not move for a while. Medications or injections and bed rest are common prescriptions. And while that might help temporarily, the back pain almost always returns, and with a vengeance.  That’s because low back pain is really a movement-based problem.


Most low back pain is due to what's called a cumulative trauma injury. There's something moving improperly in our body (usually not the back itself) and as time goes on physical stress is placed on the back causing an injury. Unlike an acute injury, like a fall or an auto accident, which will heal on its own because the injury was a one-time-deal, a cumulative injury doesn’t heal on its own because the stress continues as long as we keep moving in the bad way.


I go into great detail about the types of cumulative injuries that can cause low back pain in this video Understanding Back Pain. You can watch it below.


The good news is that movement-related, cumulative traumas can be healed once the movement dysfunction is corrected.  Scientific research says that functional movement physical therapy, like the method we use at Superior Physical Therapy, is the best way to correct movement dysfunctions.  This type of therapy will help you get rid of back pain by increasing motion in the surrounding areas, reducing stress on the spine, and creating an environment for your back to heal naturally.


To learn more, request the FREE book , The Truth about Low Back Pain, by CLICKING HERE. https://www.lowbackpainsucks.com/


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See what Mayo Clinic has to say about Back Pain: Back pain - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic


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