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Therapist Extraordinaire and Foot pain Specialist

April 12, 2018

Nick Hawkins

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Therapist Extraordinaire and Foot pain Specialist

Through the view of many of our past patients we get to know Nick Hawkins, host of this weekend's Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis Workshop.

If you haven't met him you should join us at 10a at 3899 W. Front Street. Click here to register but hurry, seating is limited!

"I was referred to Superior PT because of chronic SI joint pain, sciatic pain down my right leg and L4 pain. I am extremely grateful to all the help I received from Ben and Nick; their positive attitude when I was hurting. The videos to help remember the exercises were a necessity in doing my home practice. The strategies have given my spine so much more flexibility which ease the pain. As a yoga teacher I value their knowledge of the mind/body connection in helping one heal. I use some of the strategies in my yoga classes to ease the poses in my students. I will miss the friendships I have made here including the office staff. Namaste."—Daryl Allison-Busch

"When I first came to PT, I was unable to do my daily activities i.e. work, play with my daughter, clean the house and even sleep well. My family is very active and it was very hard and discouraging not to be able to participate. Nick was awesome at getting me back to my everyday life. He gave me tools that I was and will continue to use everyday to keep my body going. Stretching and work outs again have become enjoyable for me. The staff was awesome at working around my schedule and also allowing my 2 year old daughter to join every PT session. Thanks to everyone for all the help."-Lindsey McCrum

"A bad car accident brought me here. I’d had physical therapy for about 2 years prior downstate and here in a few weeks made SUCH a difference! Nick is professional, Lisa was great J and there are so many more things and more natural pain-free movements that I was so limited on before I got here. It’s made my quality of life better than I thought it could be after so long in pain. I’m very thankful and wouldn’t trust my care to anyone else. THANK YOU!" –Charlotte Chene

"When I first came in I was nervous I would have to have surgery or something serious. Even after starting the exercises I still didn’t believe it would work. Working with Ben, Nick & Lisa I really started to believe it would all be ok. I feel so much better and am so happy that I came here. I now have faith in physical therapy and will recommend to any of my friends and family. Thank you to everyone."—Trina McClellan


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