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Stay Hydrated for Longer, Healthier Life

February 26, 2023

Stay Hydrated for Longer, Healthier Life


We all know that being properly hydrated is important for our daily bodily functions, such as regulating body temperature and maintaining healthy skin. But a recent study found that people who stay hydrated enjoy a longer, healthier life. Researchers found that drinking enough water was associated with a lower risk of developing chronic diseases and a lower risk of dying early or being biologically older than your chronological age.


The study, published in the journal eBioMedicine by the National Institutes of Health, concluded that optimal hydration may slow down the aging process and prolong a disease-free life. The study was based on previous research in mice, which showed that lifelong water restriction increased the serum sodium levels of mice and shortened their lifespan by six months, which is equivalent to about 15 years in human terms.


To test this theory in humans, the researchers used health data collected over a 30-year period from over 11,000 Black and White adults participating in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study. The results showed that adults with serum sodium levels at the higher end of the normal range (135 to 146 milliequivalents per liter) had worse health outcomes than those at the lower end of the range. These adults had a higher risk of being biologically older than their chronological age and a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart failure, stroke, atrial fibrillation, peripheral artery disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes and dementia.


In fact, those with serum sodium levels above 144 mEq/L had a 50% higher risk of being biologically older and a 21% higher risk of dying early. On the other hand, adults with serum sodium levels between 138 and 140 mEq/L had the lowest risk of developing chronic diseases.


It's important to note that the study did not have information on how much water the participants drank, and more research is needed to fully understand the relationship between hydration and health outcomes. However, this study provides observational evidence of the potential long-term benefits of improved hydration on reducing long-term health outcomes, including mortality.


So, next time you reach for that glass of water, remember that it could be doing more than just quenching your thirst. Proper hydration may just be the key to slowing down the aging process and living a healthier, disease-free life.


Another thing that can help you have a better, pain-free life is functional physical therapy. As we age, we tend to be less active in very important ways. This can lead to the aches and pain we think are just a result of aging. But not so. When older adults begin moving again in intentional and functional ways, those aches and pains go away. So don’t be swayed when family, friends, or even healthcare professionals say, “Oh you’re just getting older” to account for those pesky body pains.  Find a qualified physical therapist who knows just the right ways to get you moving again.


We have a special day coming up where we offer free twenty-minute consultations with just such qualified therapists. So come in and talk to one about your body pains. You’ll get some great, knowledgeable advice! Call 231-944-6541 or visit https://www.free-assessment.com to schedule your Free Assessment. There are a limited number of appointments, so reach out today.


And if your particular ache is hip pain, we have a Free Hip Pain Relief Workshop coming up. Check that out here: Free Hip Pain Workshop (thesuperiortherapy.com)


How much water a day? Water: How much should you drink every day? - Mayo Clinic


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