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Secrets Great Golfers Wish They Knew

May 11, 2022

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Today we're going to be talking about two more common golf injuries. As we talked about in last week’s blog, the most common golf injury is low back pain. That affects a lot of us. But because the golf swing entails some extreme rotation, there are also two more areas that can be plagued with pain.

Let’s look at the video of Tiger Woods’ swing in slo-mo. If we freeze the video right when he gets to the top of his swing, you can see that the spine goes through some pretty extreme motion. The spine itself is rotating significantly. Problems arise because the lower back is only designed to rotate five degrees. If the hips and feet are not able to help the low back because they are out of shape, low back pain can be a result.

Another common injury is in the wrist. The wrist is really just an extension of the arm, which transmits the power in a golfer’s swing. The power comes all the way from the feet and the hips, up through the spine, and into the wrist. There's a huge amount of force happening in the wrist, which requires a large amount of motion.

The shoulder has a similar thing going on during the swing where it crosses the body. It’s being asked to do a lot of movement that the shoulder might not be used to performing, especially early in the season.

The feet and hips actually have a huge impact on all three of these areas: the low back, shoulder and wrist. As we’ve talked about before, the body in motion is a series of chain reactions that all affect each other. If one or more are out of shape, we can have pain and even injury in other parts of the body.

If you would like to relieve pain, prevent injury, and gain more power and precision in your golf swing, join us at out next Golf Workshop. You can get more information and register by calling 231-421-9300 or by visiting https://www.golfpainhelp.com/.

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