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Reducing Inflammation with Activity

May 7, 2023

Reducing Inflammation with Activity


Physical activity may be a powerful countermeasure to combat chronic inflammation and its deleterious effects in older adults. Whether activity comes from recreational and occupational movement, or exercise, multiple scientific studies have demonstrated that as physical activity increases, the markers of chronic inflammation decrease, regardless of age, body mass index, or overall health.


A majority of studies show that aerobic training, resistance training, or some combination of the two, decreases inflammatory chemicals, called cytokines, that circulate in the blood and are present within the muscles with chronic inflammation. Cytokines are responsible for keeping the inflammation response going.


Exercise-induced fat loss might help bring those cytokines down as well.  Several studies have suggested that exercise, diet, or a combination of the two reduces adipose tissue, an effect that may contribute to an overall reduction in the proinflammatory cytokines that are released from inflamed adipocytes.


The evidence isn’t all in yet, but it looks like fat-loss and exercise is much better at reducing inflammatory markers than fat loss alone.


Regardless of the precise cause, there appears to be strong evidence that both formal exercise,, simply increasing levels of physical activity,, and fat loss can have a positive influence on reducing chronic inflammation in older adults.


Furthermore, it is likely that the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise are present in muscle even if no change is seen in blood markers of inflammation.  These findings provide yet another clear indication of the beneficial effects of exercise and increased daily physical activity for those fighting chronic inflammation.


Find out how we can help you be more active and reduce inflammation in a fun way with group classes or one-on-one fitness by clicking here: Superior Stretch


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Here's Harvard Medical's action plan: An action plan to fight unhealthy inflammation - Harvard Health



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