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Unlock Pain-free Living: Discover how a Physical Therapy Check-up Can Prevent Future Discomfort

August 14, 2023


What if you could prevent that episode of acute back pain you are going to have 3 years from now?


You won't suspect it's coming, but one day you're going to reach around to get something out of the back seat of your car and your low back is going to seize up with stabbing pain. Then you'll barely be able to get into the house.


You didn't know it was coming, but a physical therapist could have told you.


Just like your physician who warns you at your annual check-up, "if you don't make changes to lower your cholesterol, you're going to have a heart attack in five years", a physical therapist can- tell by the way you are moving now whether you are destined for trouble in the future.


But you don't have find out the hard way. We offer Annual physical therapy check-ups that are covered by insurance. This is a full movement assessment that can spot trouble areas like tight hip flexor muscles or the very beginnings of shoulder impingement.


An annual check-up also allows you to talk with your therapist about your fitness, competition or wellness goals and get a training plan that will allow you to meet or exceed them.


For older folks, these check-ups are so much more important.  We're retired, we're moving less, sleeping in, enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. But then, we pick up a grandchild, or play that occasional game of golf, and our body suffers trauma, and we're on the couch for a week.


A physical therapy check-up can identify weak areas, suggest improvements for your at-home movement patterns, recommend stretches and exercises to make you stronger for your favorite hobbies and sports. Nutrition and hydration will be discussed as well.


Our bones and muscles also get weaker as we age, and a movement assessment by a trained physical therapist can pick up the tell-tale signs of sarcopenia (muscle loss). If not addressed, muscle weakness can affect balance and strength causing falls, a leading cause of injury in seniors.


A physical therapy check-up is a comprehensive exam that is covered by insurance.  So why wait? Schedule your Annual Physical Therapy Check-up today, and head off future pain and trouble.


You can schedule by calling our office at 231-944-6541 or by clicking the Request Appointment button at the top of this page.


Check out more information on our PT Check-ups page: https://www.thesuperiortherapy.com/physical-therapy-annual-check-up


Here's info on why regular medical check-ups are important too: How Often Should You Get Routine Checkups at the Doctor? (healthline.com)


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