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Pain Free Run Traverse City

April 4, 2021

Attention Traverse City Runners:

Learn How To Heal Your Tortured, Crippled Bodies and Improve Your Performance

In Less Than An Hour…

Limited to 30 seats…When you’re training for a race do you feel like you’re not going to make it to race day because your body feels like its going to give out?

Maybe you’re able to run your miles just fine but it’s afterwards that you really know that something isn’t right with your body.

Are you sick and tired of taking potentially dangerous pain drugs or anti-inflammatory meds just to get through your training schedule?

Or maybe you’re getting costly injections every 3 months that make you a slave to your doctor’s office…just so you can make it to race day.

Sound familiar?

Excruciating pain can keep you from getting in the miles that you know you need to do in order to perform at your best for race day. It can keep you from reaching your personal best. It can keep you from enjoying the feeling you love so much from running.

Pain with running can keep you down. In fact, down flat.

And you lose sleep. Plus your positive outlook. Your confidence. And then your desire.

You get irritable. Filled with anxiety. What if soon you can’t run at all? Real depression’s right around the corner. And when that hits, how’re you going to be the spouse or parent or grandparent you pride yourself on being? Love being?

The longer you mask your symptoms with medications or injections—the worse your problem gets.

You’ve probably even been told you’ve got arthritis and are suffering from excruciating bone-on-bone grinding with every step you take—that makes you not take that next step. 

The fact is—many times the real problem causing your pain—the ROOT CAUSE—is easily identified and usually isn’t even coming from the area that hurts. But instead from the areas above and below—commonly your thoracic spine, hips & feet.

Are you ready to learn how to heal your pain—avoiding dangerous meds, costly injections and drastic surgery—in about an hour?

Then you’re invited to a special event I’m hosting—But first let me tell you who this event IS NOT FOR…

This event is not for you if—

  • You want to continue popping pills and masking the pain
  • You want to just keep ignoring the problem
  • You don’t want to take control of your health and learn about the true ROOT CAUSES of pain which have nothing to do with the painful area itself
  • You want to get injections every 3 months
  • You aren’t serious about continuing to run pain free

But this IS for you if…

  • You want to be the person who heals your tormenting pain in a non-invasive way—avoiding dangerous medications, costly injections and drastic surgery…and continue to run as much as you want!

LIVE ONLINE Event Hosted by Superior Physlcal Therapy and certified running gait analyst Dr. Brent Hull (2018 Boston Marathoner) and Dr. Drew O’Donnel.

Wednesday April 14th @ 6pm

Here’s how to register…www.painfreerun.com

We’ll send you the Pain Free Running Worksheet—please bring it with you.

But we’ve only got 30 seats for this…. and word’s going out in our newsletter and in the Northern Express soon. So if you’d like to attend and get back to running pain free at your best possible performance, please call NOW—231.421.9300.

Look forward to seeing you there, Dr. Andrew Gorecki Owner Superior Physical Therapy 

P.S. Everyone who attends this event will get a FREE Video Running Gait Analysis—231.421.9300.


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