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Vlog- Everything You Need To Know About Lower Back Pain

January 6, 2017

By Dr. Andrew Gorecki, Physical Therapist

In this Vlog (Video Blog) learn how the lower back pain symptoms are almost never caused by the lower back itself…

Part 1 is an anatomy lesson which describes how the lower back is designed and what is was designed to do.  This includes description of the anatomy of the lower back including what the disc is, the nerve roots coming out of the spine, the sacroiliac joint, what stenosis or arthritis means, what sciatica is, and what facet joints are.

Part 2 discusses the different types of lower back pain problems and what structures are involved.  The types discussed are the most common reasons people have pain and they include facet pain, stenosis (aka arthritis, degenerative disc disease), disc bulge or disc herniation, SI or sacroiliac pain.

Part 3 is the final video in this series which discusses the top 3 strategies to relieve lower back pain naturally by improving motion in the areas that surround the spine.

The take home message here is that there are many types of lower back pain but the true cause of lower back pain almost always comes from poor motion in the areas above and below the lumbar spine.  This includes the hips and the upper back. If we focus on those areas you will find a permanent solution to lower back pain.  You can avoid medications, injections, and surgery.


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