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August 10, 2022

This month we are having a review contest!  We really value your reviews, and we are having a contest to see how many Google reviews we can get in the month of August.


At the end of the month, we're going to put all the names of everyone who wrote a review during August into a bowl and randomly pull out the name of the winner. We're giving the winner a prize of a $500 gift certificate to the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. We’re all pretty excited for whoever wins!


Here's why it's important for us to have your reviews. The healthcare landscape is changing dramatically right now.  There are communities where the hospital health systems are becoming the dominant force in the community. They are almost a monopoly in those communities. And the health systems, in general, are making it harder and harder for people just like you to get the most qualified providers for your specific health condition by forcing doctors to refer only within their system, and forcing patients to be seen only in practices and clinics owned by the health system, especially if those patients have insurance through the health system.


In reality, they are trying to make the most money possible, but are forgetting that lower quality of care and increased costs for patients is the result. On average, hospital health systems charge two and a half times more for physical therapy at one of their own clinics versus an independent provider, like Superior Physical Therapy.


Our hope is that people who are having pain when they move will be looking online for a physical therapy clinic and choose the most highly recommended clinic in their area.


So if you had a good experience, we would appreciate your review. Your words about your experience here are going to be much more powerful than anything we could ever say to the community.


We need your help. We want to survive in this changing landscape! We want to be around for years to come—to help more people that are having movement-related pain avoid medications, injections, and surgeries.


You can help us help others simply by leaving a review. And as a bonus this month we thought it would be fun to enter everyone who reviews us in August into a contest for a $500 gift certificate to the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.


Your review means a lot to all of us!


Click on one of the location links below to leave a review. If you include your first and last name, we’ll enter you into the drawing automatically.


Thank you so much! Watch Dr. Gorecki talk about the contest by Clicking Here, or watch it below.


Click Here to write a West Front St review.


Click Here to write a Munson Ave review.


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