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"I Just Couldn't Stand It Anymore..."

January 20, 2017

Why do we accept pain as a part of everyday life??

And how differently would we live if we were pain free?

Good afternoon friends,

I was just on the phone with a patient today talking about the pain in her foot, she explained to me as a busy mom of three children under the age of six she doesn't always get the time she needs to take care of herself. So when the pain in her foot started one morning after she woke up to care for her six month old daughter she simply ignored it. She told me "her needs are before my own, she is helpless and relies on me to feed her, and care for her."

As a parent myself, I totally understand. Everything changes once that little baby looks up at you, it's easy to forget about ourselves isn't it? We have so many things and people relying on us, children, spouses, employers, it's easy to get bogged down and simply ignore the warning signs or the "check engine light" that our body sends us, letting us know that there is a dysfunction.

As I sat on the phone with this struggling mother, almost to the point of not being able to walk on her foot anymore due to her crippling plantar fasciitis, she needed to be reminded that while the world turns and there are children, spouses, and employers relying on you, you first need to care for yourself, or else those 3AM wake up calls from a hungry baby, or the 3PM soccer matches for your little athlete, or even walking to the copy machine at work will become unbearable, forcing you to take the sidelines.

You deserve to take care of yourself! And as we get ready to close out the first month of 2017 take the initiative to get those warning signs checked out. And if you're like my patient from today, try out these exercises for plantar fasciitis, you may be surprised how much they can help in those "check engine light" moments!

Top Three Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis from Andrew Gorecki on Vimeo.


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