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Guide to Hip Pain Relief: Part 5

October 30, 2020

Four Steps to Hip Pain Relief

1. Stop ignoring or altering the problem.

The single biggest mistake hip pain sufferers make is ignoring the problem. Often, this is in the hopes that the problem will simply go away as time goes on. The problem with this thought process is that hip pain is classified as a gradual onset or cumulative trauma injury. These types of injuries only get worse over time if the problem that is causing the trauma is not identified and fixed.

In addition to ignoring the problem, the most common treatments given for hip pain are symptom-altering medications, such as pain medication or anti-inflammatories. Again, these strategies only mask the symptom of pain and do not resolve the underlying biomechanical problem that is causing the trauma.

2. Stop ignoring or altering the problem.

There is nobody in the healthcare system with more knowledge about managing hip pain than physical therapists. This is proven by many studies. The more advanced the degree of the physical therapist, the more knowledge they have about managing hip pain. Look for a doctor-trained physical therapist who specializes in any type of functional exercise. At Superior Physical Therapy, all of our doctors of physical therapy specialize in hip pain.

3. Stop ignoring or altering the problem.

The first step in finding a solution to any problem is to identify the cause of the problem. Most providers are focused on finding the type of hip pain. This is the diagnosis, such as arthritis, bone on bone, or joint space narrowing. The problem is that the type of hip pain does not identify the cause. The cause of most hip pain is improper movement in the areas above and below the hip, most often in the feet, opposite side hip, and upper torso. You must identify the cause before you can fix the problem. Otherwise, you are just guessing.

4. Stop ignoring or altering the problem.

Once the cause is identified, stick to the plan. It takes time to make a change in the way the body moves to allow for the healing process. You should stick to one treatment plan for at least three months before you make any decisions about the effectiveness of the treatment.

The hip pain experts at Superior Physical Therapy have an intimate understanding of how the entire body is connected and know that you must look above and below the painful hip in order to find a solution. Call one today at 231.944.6541.


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