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Dispelling the Myths about Achilles Tendonitis

January 27, 2017

One of the questions I most frequently get asked, whether it be by patients coming in for physical therapy or someone attending our monthly Foot Workshop is "What kind of shoes do I need to wear if I'm struggling with achilles tendonitis?"

Now, a quick review about how you can find out if you actually have achilles tendonitis:

How Do I Know If I Have Achilles Tendonitis from Andrew Gorecki on Vimeo.

So we know a couple good indicators that there's inflammation within the achilles tendon is:

  1. The achilles tendon is painful to the touch
  2. Pain when taking a stride walking/running

We have countless people come through our doors looking for answers to their foot pain--what supplements should I take? What shoes should I wear? Should I immobilize my foot in a boot? Among countless other symptom treating approaches. I can't tackle all of those in one blog post, so we'll just focus on one...

"What type of shoes should I wear if I have achilles tendonitis?"

And the answer is pretty simple--any kind you want.

Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis from Andrew Gorecki on Vimeo.

The reason you can wear any type of shoes you want is because in order to truly get to the root cause of your achilles pain we have to dig deeper than simply what kind of shoes to wear. The necessary steps point towards a movement screen that will give you the insight as to WHERE the root of the achilles pain is coming from, often times the cause of pain is not the site of pain.

Hope this helps!


If you want to read even more about Achilles Tendonitis click here to read more. 


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