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Day-to-Day Activities Sciatica Sufferers Should Avoid

November 6, 2022


Today we are talking about a question we get asked by a lot of patients who are suffering from sciatica and low back pain. They want to know what day-to-day activities sciatica sufferers should avoid?”  That’s a logical and understandable question, but the answer is pretty complex.


Watch the Video below or by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/SEeQf7_D-k0


Research shows that doing nothing: resting, laying down on your back, or sitting, actually makes back pain and sciatica worse in the long run. So doing nothing is really not a good option even though when you have pain, your brain is probably telling you to stop moving and rest.


Instead, we suggest finding motions that you're successful with. You should continue to do any movements you can do with little to no pain.  For instance, if walking doesn't feel too bad, walk. If biking doesn't hurt too much, bike. If water exercise feels better, then that is the movement to do.


Definitely don’t do activities that cause more sciatic or low back pain. That will make the situation much worse in the long run. But doing nothing at all will also make the situation worse over time.


The goal is to identify those motions you can do successfully and do them, even though you might not want to. Why? Because your sciatica or low back pain probably was caused by a lack of mobility in some area of your body to begin with. If you stop doing activity altogether, you will be shutting down more parts of your body. This can lead to more damage. Our bodies were not designed to sit or lay around. Our bodies were designed to move!


So go to the pool and swim, or go for a walk—whatever feels best.  And, ideally, go see a movement specialist, like a physical therapist. Working with a physical therapist can change your body's mobility, flexibility and strength and create an environment of healing so back pain and sciatica can be eliminated.


25 years ago, doctors used to put sciatica patients in the hospital on traction for two weeks in bed! We now know that's the worst thing possible. Scientific research has proven it to be so. Do those activities you can do and get in to see a physical therapist who understands, like we do, how to identify the root cause of your sciatica or low back pain and will prescribe the proper movements to heal and strengthen your body, and keep you pain-free.


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