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Back Pain Relief Secrets Revealed

April 15, 2022

Back Pain Relief Industry

Today we're going to talk about the fact that most of the things that people try to find relief for back pain are only altering the symptoms of pain. They don’t allow the body or provide us with a long-term solution. In fact, medications, injections and surgery for back pain relief constitute an 80 billion dollar market annually.  People are spending money and time and energy on things that just are band-aids.

They make you feel kind of warm and fuzzy during that moment, but as soon as you stop doing whatever it is you're trying, the pain returns. For example, pain relievers either over the counter or prescription, only change your brain's perception of the pain. Anti-inflammatories, like cortisone injections in their spine, are similar, because they are just suppressing the body's inflammation response.

Back Pain Relief Secrets Revealed

Inflammation is actually normal and natural; it's part of the healing process. We need inflammation in order for our bodies to heal successfully. So that's obviously not going to give us a long-term solution if we know that that just stalls the healing process.

Then there are other things, like the hang-upside-down-machine marketed as a decompression device. It might help during that moment, but as soon as we get off that device gravity kicks in and our symptoms come right back because it doesn't fix the actual problem The same goes for hot packs and cold packs and and massage devices or lasers electrical devices that kind of shock the body all those things creams ointments cbd oils. The list goes on.

The Real Cause of Your Back Pain

The real cause of your back pain is improper movement in the areas above and below the low. These main areas are your hips and the upper spine. Those are the areas that need focus. Those are the reasons why our back is having stress. The areas above and below the low back are not moving properly.

Masking the pain will never fix the problem and provide long term relief.  So if you're serious about finding the real root of your back pain, I would encourage you to call Superior Physical Therapy. We have two locations in Traverse City, MI.

We’re the experts on back pain causes and fixing those causes long-term. We help people find a natural solution, so they can get back to enjoying life again!

Periodically we host Back Pain Secrets workshops. Click this page: to find out when the next Traverse City workshop is: https://www.back-class.com

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