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Relieve Nighttime Shoulder Pain Once and For All...

At the "How To Relieve Shoulder Pain Naturally Masterclass"
 Shoulder pain expert Dr. Andrew Gorecki shares his exact blueprint with you absolutely FREE

Saturday, Sep. 17th at 10 AM

Superior Physical Therapy
3899 W Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49684
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Dr. Andrew Gorecki, DPT

Dr. Gorecki is a shoulder pain expert and is eager to share with you all of the strategies and techniques he has used to help thousands of people avoid shoulder surgery and get back to normal again.  
What You're Going To Learn
  • The single worst position to sleep in that causes BIG problems in the shoulder and rotator cuff...
  • The #1 single biggest mistake people with shoulder pain make which suprising can lead to rotator cuff surgery...
  • The Top 3 most common Causes of Shoulder Problems
  • What are the conservative treatments that should be tried first before surgery
  • What to do if injections have failed
  • How your hips can have a huge affect on your Shoulder
  • How your upper spine can have a huge influence on the Shoulder
  • What effective, conservative, natural treatment looks like
Who Is This Free Workshop For?
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  • If you have pain in  your shoulder when you reach up over head 
  • If you want to avoid treatments that are aggressive and treat only the symptoms of pain including medications, injections, surgery
  • If you are no longer as active as you once use to be because your shoulder pain gets worse the more  you move
  • If you have a hard time sleeping 
  • If you are afraid that your shoulder pain will not get any better
  • If you feel like you have tried everything and there is no hope
  • If you have had shoulder pain in the past and you want to avoid it in the future even though maybe right now it is not present
  • You are a spouse of someone with shoulder pain and they are to stubborn to ask for help
We have limited seating for this event so give us a call 231.421.9300 or click the link above now. Everyone who registers will receive a free 9 Step Guide To Self-Treat Shoulder Pain.  
What Others Had To Say...
Prior to PT my pain was severe and I could not move my shoulder. It hurt to do most daily tasks like dressing, walking, sleeping and reaching. I noticed improvement right away. After my first week I could reduce my pain med use. Medicine was eliminated after my third week! Movement improved weekly along with pain reduction. As for my experience with PT – it was great! Megan and Keith were easy to work with, very knowledgeable, caring and encouraging. They eased me into activities that stretched my limits without causing me much discomfort. I will recommend both and Superior PT to my friends who be in need. Thank you! – Bill Queen
I’m totally sold into the practice’s philosophy that dysfunctions other than shoulder impingement contribute to the problem, I.E. thorasic and scapula mobility issues aggravate the shoulders. Similar for my lower back and knee pain. Doctors Alex and Brittany did an outstanding job of improving my shoulder, lower back and knee problems. Much better than traditional PT. Neither seemed impressed that they also improved my posture. 😊 Dr. Alex was exceptionally good. – Don Watkins
Small motion aggravated my shoulder more than larger heavy motion. I love to knit and sew quilts on a machine. These activities aggravated my shoulder and caused pain under the shoulder blade. Nick was able to explain how the pain was caused, which the doctors couldn’t do. I was confident the cause could be diagnosed and prevention of pain could be accomplished here at Superior. I am now knitting daily for hours without pain, which I have not been able to do for several months. Not being able to knit caused me emotional pain, which was more detrimental than the physical pain. Now I am free of both! – Judith Bell
I had severe left shoulder pain when I saw your ad for a free seminar on that very subject. PT has helped immensely with the pain and also a nagging long-term pain in my back after surgery (putting a cage around and stabilized a slipped disk). I broke my neck two years ago and had a lot of stiffness in my neck and back shoulder area. PT has helped that too. I am very grateful to Megan and Nathaniel who taught me how to relieve all that. Thank you. I also got some relief from knee pain. It no longer feels like I need surgery! Yeah! – Bonnie Sullivan
I came to the shoulder workshop and knew right away that this was the route I wanted to take. I had pain in my left shoulder for several months and knew it was not going to go away on its own. After a few weeks of PT, I noticed relief and began to understand what I needed to do to help myself. Now I can manage on my own thanks to all that physical therapy and the Superior team has done for me along the way. I would recommend this program to anyone who truly wants to understand how your whole body moves and how you can improve your health. Thank you, Brent and Brittany! - Cheryl Beyer
At 55 years old, I have a history of challenges with my shoulders related to sports and trauma and I realized my body was not as flexible as it used to be, probably contributing to shoulder issues, sometimes pain and arms falling asleep at night. So, I came to the shoulder workshop and met Ben and decided to try some PT to assess where my body needs more attention and get recommendations to support my shoulders and actually whole body to be stronger and after 3 sessions, I had some great take away exercises to continue to support my body’s needs. – Carol Schwab
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