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How To Avoid a Knee Surgery Workshop
...Even If You've Been Told You're Bone on Bone
Learn to Manage Knee Pain Naturally
 Avoiding Medications, Injections, and Surgery

You're Invited!
Saturday, Feb. 25th 
10 am

Superior Physical Therapy
722 Munson Ave
Traverse City, MI 49686

Free Workshop
Limited to 20 seats

Andrew Gorecki, DPT

Dr. Andrew Gorecki is a knee pain expert.  Dr. Gorecki has helped thousands of people relieve knee pain naturally without medications, Injections or Surgeries. He is eager to teach you his simply step by step process to knee pain relief. 
Learn How to Quickly and Easily Relieve Knee Pain...
Even If You've Been Told Surgery Is the Only Answer

By Attending You Will Discover...
  • What Successful Treatment Looks like For Knee Pain Without Medications, Injections, Or Surgery
  • How to Move Again Without Pain Even With Arthritis
  • How Arthritis equals Pain is a Myth
  • How the Knee is hurting because of the hip and foot
  • How Injections can actually make your knee worse
  • How to Live a Pain Free Life Without Knee Pain
Who Is This Free Workshop For?
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  • If you have pain in  your Knees when you stand or walk
  • If you want to avoid treatments that are aggressive and treat only the symptoms of pain including medications, injections, surgery
  • If you are no longer as active as you once use to be because your Knee pain gets worse the more  you move
  • If you have a hard time walking long distances
  • If you are afraid that your Knee pain will not get any better
  • If you feel like you have tried everything and there is no hope
  • If you have had Knee pain in the past and you want to avoid it in the future even though maybe right now it is not present
  • You are a spouse of someone with Knee pain and they are to stubborn to ask for help
We have very limited seats per workshop. They fill up every time we offer this workshop so if you have interest don't wait to long to register.  
What Others Had To Say...
"I came into Superior after having my knee surgically repaired after a football injury. I could barely bend my knee and the only activity I was doing was walking. Superior helped bring my knee back into shape and now I can do any activity I want. Therapy helped me be able to gain strength and trust back into my knee. I have experienced a 180-degree turn around from where I was in November to where I am in May today. Keith and the entire staff made the process very personal and I could not be where I am today without them."
–Dominic Hathaway

"I owe many thanks and praise to Andrew at SPT for giving me the ability to finish out my half marathon training pain free. Half way through my training program, I started to experience “popping” behind my knee with tightening in my calf, which would result in my whole leg going numb. At this point I was not even able to finish a 3 mile run when I was scheduled to be running 6. After another unsuccessful run, I finally had enough and went to see Andrew. Within 10 minutes of doing simple tests and stretches, he knew exactly what was wrong. Within 2 days of performing the exercises he gave me, I felt amazing. Not only was I running pain free but was able to increase my distance and cut down on my time. I will never try to “fight through the pain” again! Thanks Andrew!"
 –Jessie Sasak
"My experience has been awesome. I had knee and Achilles pain in the winter. My doctor said I had osteoarthritis and needed knee replacement. I could not walk a mile without extreme pain. Now I can hike up to 3-5 miles without pain! I do not use my expensive knee brace but I will continue my PT exercises. Aaron and Keith were great to work with. They were responsive to my questions and challenged me in a good way."
 -Jim McGovern
"When I arrived I had no balance, pain in my knees which kept me from doing what I like to do. I was unable to walk for an hour, traveling was difficult as was shopping. I had a lack of confidence in myself and my ability. Now I am walking trails at the Commons, and can cook and clean the house. I have no pain in my knees, and more flexibility! The knowledge I now possess on how to manage my knee discomfort through stretching and exercise was all provided by Keith and Ben. Thanks!"
 -Mary Jo Fifarek
" I came in with pain in my knee. Getting up or kneeling was worse. Now I can do all my activities pain free! Happiness! LOVE the stretches. Really like the fact that everything is based on everyday movements and activities. I feel stronger and ready for life!"
—Karen Hoth
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